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Juni 29, 2009

Ronaldo Kissing Bipasha Basu

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Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo has caused a stir in the Indian media after being photographed kissing Bollyood actress Bipasha Basu. Ronaldo met the Bollywood star at a ‘Seven Wonders Of The World’ show in Lisbon, Portugal, where the Man Utd footballer had to present one of the awards at the show as was voted online by members of the public from around the world.

The Bollywood beauty Bipasha Basu was also presenting part of the awards show, at one point on stage with Cristiano Ronaldo for his presentation. After the show the pair were spotted dancing together at a Lisbon club until the early hours of the next day. A picture of Ronaldo kissing Basu was printed the next day in the British tabliods, which sparked off all of the speculation regarding the pair.

28 year old actress Basu has already tried to de-fuse the situation, telling the Hindustan Times paper that the kiss has been completely mis-understood, that they were caught at the wrong moment and the photo has been portrayed in the wrong light. Meanwhile the Times of India paper quoted the Bollywood actress as saying that she was “totally floored” by Cristiano. She also claimed that Ronaldo called her “cute”, and that he promised to invite her to all of his matches next season.

Ronaldo apparently told Basu that his mother is a real fan of old Hindi movies, which really shocked Bipasha. Basu went on to say that meeting Cristiano was a dream come true.

Cristiano is currently dating former Hollyoaks actress Gemma Atkinson, and has been doing so for around 7 months. On the other hand Basu is having relationship problems with fellow Bollywood actor John Abraham, and according to the Indian media they are on the verge of splitting.


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